no one is invincible, everyone is immortal

ronnie. non-binary boy, they/them or he/him unless you know me irl, then she/her works.

i've been trying to let go of the things that torture me inside.

writer. music makes me happy. i complain about my feelings on the internet and post a lot of pictures of my dog.

i'm always here to talk if you need someone.


"A Better Place, A Better Time" by Streetlight Manifesto

fuck buying flowers for graves
i’d rather buy you a one-way nonstop

to anywhere
find anyone
do anything
forget and start again, love

and when you wake up, everything is gonna be fine
i guarantee you’ll wake in a better place, in a better time

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Coming along pretty well
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playing the game of “am i imagining the actual amount of bugs/over exaggerating how itchy i am/over exaggerating how many bites i have/imagining the irritation in my ears bc my mom told me when my dog had fleas when i was a baby i got an ear infection

#littleanxietythings ❤️❤️❤️

i shut my lights off and laid down to go to sleep and i am 99% sure i felt a spider crawl across my face cause my hair isnt long enough to get in my face and i like screamed and jumped up and turned my light on and i dont see anything?????????? but?????? ugh

sleep is overrated anyway right


The Front Bottoms - Lipstick Covered Magnet 

And I’m gonna get on my knees
Would you kick me in the face please?
It’ll make whatever I say sound like poetry.
And as my gums begin to bleed
The words will fall like teeth
And whatever we have locked up now is free

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sometimes i dont listen to lyrics super hard either. like the first time i realized what lonestar was about it was like bUT THEY SOUND SO UPBEAT
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my brain is broken help me w my econ homework

we have to make a market, and change it, and affect how that shift affects other markets

ie, depleted coffee supply means depleted demand for creamer and coffee makers and (supposedly, according to the homework) increased demand for tea.

i’m drawing a blank on things that affect three other things for some reason

do you ever turn on tfb to do your homework and realize theyre actually a really sad band and end up crying lol

me: wow having an AP class was really overwhelming that sucked

me: takes three AP classes and yearbook the next year

me: feels like trash but way too proud to give it up now

i went downstairs to temporarily steal my mom’s laptop (cause mine has been broken for what feels like forever and i rEALLY miss typing on a keyboard) and stubbed my toe twice. i think the universe just said NOPE.

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